Deepika Padukon In Kahani 2 Suspance thriller movie

Deepika will replace the sensational star vidya balan in Kahani 2. Kahani 2 will be directed by Sujoy Ghosh. Director works on Kahani 2’s story and cast. Here is big news that Deepika may be cast in Kahani 2.

Why Deepika Padukon In Kahani 2 ?

She had great three years in her life. She already becomes the no.1 actress of bollywood. All directors and actors want to work with her. She actually made a diferent aura.

In the news trending that in the second part of Kahani may be more action-suspense-thriller than 1st part. Sujoy wants to vidya balan but may be some reason this will Deepika Padukon. So Deepika Padukon In Kahani 2.

Challenges For Deepika Padukon

  • Vidya Balan acted marvelous in 1st part.
  • Vidya Balan Get best actress award for this movie at something all award shows. National + Filmfare award too.
  • Vidya balan’s simplicity, naturalization and suspense face may be more challenging for deepika padukon.

Deepika Padukon is great actress but she may faced these challenges because of her aura.

Vidya Balan vs Deepika Padukon

  • Both actress does many great films like
  • Deepika Padukon : Ramleela, Bajrangi Bhaijan, Channai Express, Piku etc
  • Vidya Balan: Kahani, The Dirty picture, Pareenita, Ishqiya etc
  • Vidya balan have more ability than deepika padukon but deepika is new generation sensation actress and she believe in her acting.
  • In three years Deepika Had great films but Vidya is almost out of Form. May be this reason is acquired deepika padukon’s success.

Kahani 2 vs Kahani

Kahani was outstanding movie of 2012. Kahani was a great story line up, cast and suspense.  This hindi movie almost won many precious and big award in biggest bollywood award show – Filmfare.

Director wants to cast vidya balan in 2013 and wants to releasing kahani 2 in 2014 but some reasons this movie is still in progress. Director wants to more action-thriller and Suspense in the upcoming kahani 2.

Kahani 2 will be greatest movie ever if the director may be successful in his need. Because of this movie in process so we can’t guess anything.

Kahani 2 Cast vs Kahani Cast

May be the cast will remain but as news Deepika will replace Vidya and Amitabh Bachchan may be replace the talented Nawazuddin Siddhiki. Other cast may be same.

Controversies with Kahani 2

Kahani 2 is still in progress but this movie get a controversies that is Kundan Shah.

Kundan Shah is director ofJaane Bhi Do Yaaro.

News: Kundan Shah wants to Direct the Kahani 2

Kundan Shah neglate this news and said that he never wants to direct a blockbuster movie. This was a Sujoy ghosh movie and He wants that he will direct this suspense thriller movie.


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